About me

In this picture I’m in my “souls home” Koli (north-east Finland), where I used to live for a while, but for the moment I live with my kids (teens) in the southern Finland in a small city. Not far from the capital.

In 2021 I decided to “come out” as a shaman. I was a business coach and an ad-agency entrepreneur since 2008 and had some reputation on that also. But it all changed for me after a huge burn out. After which I experienced a huge spiritual awakening in 2019-2020.

And could not continue anymore with the old life.

As I’m sure is happening to many of you also.

I was called to do this work. I did not look for it. Or ever thought about becoming a healer. I’ve never been that spiritual (although some aspects were always there).

But now that it happened, I could not be more grateful. Even though it has not been easy – this is what I came here to do.

In this picture I’m performing a wedding ceremony. <3 That was such joy!

I’ve found completely new way of looking at life. Found new peace and love for myself and others. Acceptance and compassion. I found support, help, love, joy, connection with spirits, nature, trees, sun and moon and with so many.

When all this started happening, I looked for guidence in studying shamanism, which I did in Green Tara online (peruvian shamanism) for two years, but now I’m finding my own way, receiving teachings from my guides and nature. So much wisdom there, if you just stop and listen.

Also I have many shaman and spiritual friends, new soul family, of which I’m so grateful. Discussions, cooperation and meditations together, healing also each other… it’s such a gift.

I have been doing healing and ceremony work since 2021. I work intuitively, with guidence. I simply listen to what serves the light and is in the highest good for the participants. My hand is not the one drumming. My mouth is not the one singing. I’m not the one deciding to dance, move my hands or move to certain spot or bow down… It is all just flowing through me. I work in complete guidance. The healers who came before me, the spirits, the elementals, Mother Earth… they work through me.

Nothing in my life has felt so natural, and so right, meaningful, then this work.

And nothing ever made me feel so grateful, so full of love, and light. And such pure joy.

So I realized I have no questions anymore like “what will I do when I’ll retire”. I just won’t. Retire I mean. I will be doing this all the way, until my path here ends. (And maybe it won’t even stop there.)

With all this amazingness, beauty of life, I still need to “chop the wood and carry the water”. Provide for me and kids. So if you want to help me in that…
1. subscribe to My Healing Journey with 10 €/month

2. ask for private shamanic healing session, (2 hours 180 euros) which I can do through Zoom (or distantly without connection) where ever you are (also for groups and couples, ask for price) or we’ll arrange a place in south Finland area, please send email at anja@anjakadziolka.fi

3. invite me to perform in your event. This summer I will be performing for instance in the biggest Nordic spiritual event “Natural High Healing Festival” third year in a row. I’m very interested to join events with workshops, ceremony, drumming, singing etc.

4. if you’re in Finland, please take part in my ceremonies and other events, which you can find on my finnish pages here.

5. Also if you could follow me on social media and share… all that helps me to make a living with this work. You know… many people have a “day job”, for me that’s not possible. This is my primary source of income, and as you can imagine, it does not come so easy… so all help and support is gratefully accepted.

Thank you so much for reading this. <3