Book a private shamanic healing online (Zoom) or if you are in Finland, we can organize a healing session for instance to Helsinki.

In shamanic healing session in sacred space you have a chance to really cleanse your energies.

From things you collected to your field in this life, or past lives. What effects our lives also are the family lines, the things that happened to your ancestors. Now is the time to let that go.

Shamanic healing knows no time or place. What we have as an intention, makes a difference. What would you need healing to?

Sometimes it is necessary to make a soul retrieval. It’s shamanic way of healing trauma, a very gentle way. You don’t need to re-live it, or even feel it. I feel it for you, if it’s in your highest good. I am the channel of light and love to you, and cleansing the low vibrating energy from you.

Also, if you are worried you might have an entity attached to you, or some outside energy, it will be removed, sent away from you. We will cleanse all the low vibrating energy from you, that is for your highest good.

Shamanic healing is deep, strong and very transformative. My clients have had big changes in the way they see things, react and what they attract in their lives.

Now I’m very careful not to promise too much, but the effect of shamanic healing is deep. It may have a profound effect on your life. I work intuitively, as an empty channel, I do not have my own agendas. Ever. I only ask for healing in sacred space for your highest good, and your helpers and guides to help us.

In the healing I help you relax with bowls and guided relaxation, music, singing, chanting. I will drum for you with a chosen drum (usually my “rebirthing” Mother Earth drum) and then channel healing, pull away the dense energy blockages, sometimes roar away (bear) the hard, dark, stuck energy and sometimes tap through your body… every healing session is individual and strong.

I will give you instructions on what to do after the healing, to integrate, to ground, and I will always be available afterwards for any questions that might come up.

With me and my helpers you are safe, protected and very well taken care of. With love, light and deep peace. <3